The Wisdom of Balancing Cash Flow by Mixing Practice Areas


“We’re going in together because I’m doing personal injury and she’s doing family law,” he said. “I get large fees, but they’re spread out and unpredictable," he continued. “She gets a steady stream of smaller fees,” he said. He’s planning on using her fees to balance out his … [Read more...]

You Might Not Be the Best Person to Run Your Firm


I love me some Richard Branson. He was here in Miami a few weeks ago at this Formula E race (that’s an electric Formula One car race). What a guy. It could be that I admire his business acumen. It could be that I admire his life advice. It could simply be that he’s … [Read more...]

Passive Income for Lawyers


Passive income gets page views on the Internet. I’m giddy just thinking about the volume of traffic I’m getting for this post. Just hearing the phrase “passive income” does something to our brains. (Can you feel the dopamine?) That’s true for lawyers and nonlawyers alike. We … [Read more...]

Law Firm Marketing: Where Do I Start?


There’s way too much information out there for lawyers interested in upping their marketing game. You can read blogs, e-books, newsletters, websites, books, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, listserves, and on and on. There’s no shortage of advice. The question I get constantly … [Read more...]

How Building a Practice Is Like a Road Race


I used to run quite a bit. Now, I’ve slowed down. Most of my exercise is in the form of walking. This morning, I’m watching the Miami Marathon from the comfort of the News Café. Thousands of runners are zooming by the open patio area as I enjoy my lox, eggs, and onions. I … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Get Less Busy and Find More Time


What’s the number-one complaint I hear from lawyers? “I’m too busy,” they say. This comes from lawyers young and old, rich and poor, experienced and new. It comes from lawyers in busy practices and from those just starting their practices. Everyone is too busy. What’s … [Read more...]

Free Lunch: Paying for Associates to Network


Dear Associate, In our law firm, we have a policy to encourage you to build relationships outside of the firm. We do that because: It generates goodwill in the community, It allows you to learn from and be influenced by others, and It results in additional … [Read more...]

How Spring Cleaning Gets You More Clients


Spring cleaning is good for business. Here’s how: It clears your plate when you have a clean workspace. You clear up mental bandwidth for new projects, more referral source activity, more creative marketing approaches, and everything else that requires mental space. It … [Read more...]

Handling Client Objections to the Associate Handoff

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“I hired you,” screamed the client. “I didn’t hire your lame ass associate,” he continued. “If I’d wanted some nitwit lawyer, I’d have hired that lawyer across the hall with the wandering eye,” he ranted. [Quick aside: Is “wandering eye” something we’re no longer allowed to … [Read more...]