No More Remembering to Cancel “Free” Trials

I’m obsessed with the latest technology. I buy lots of gadgets. However, my biggest tech obsession is new software. Many days, I download apps to my phone, install apps on my MacBook, and sign up for new software services. I keep up with what’s happening by reading a bunch of blogs and keeping a close eye on Hacker News and Product Hunt. Many of the software services I sign up for offer a free trial. I’m all about a free trial. I sign up for stuff constantly. However, sometimes these … [Read more...]

Here’s Why Most Law Firms Don’t Grow

Many folks start their practices alone. They’re working solo---literally---and have no one to talk to at the office. You end up bouncing jury arguments off of the cleaning crew. Life is good. It’s simple. The biggest problem you have at that stage is getting more clients. The mission is simple, and you’re focused. Then you hire someone. The world changes. The minute you hire someone, your biggest problem becomes communication. Communication will continue as your biggest … [Read more...]

Can You Keep a Secret? A 10-Question Law Firm Security Quiz

Take this 10-question quiz to find out where you fall on the security spectrum. Are you secure, or are you screwed? Answer the questions and count your “no” responses. We’ll score and rate you after you respond. Do you mandate a password change by all system users for everything frequently (every 30–60 days, including e-mail, practice management system, document management system, etc.)? Yes/No Do you use two-factor authentication for accessing all of the above? (If your system doesn’t … [Read more...]

SEO for Law Firms in 30 Minutes a Month

I have a love/hate relationship with search engine optimization. I love it when we rank well, and I hate it when we don’t. But I need to keep up, and I’ve found an easy, reliable way to do it. How do I stay current? I read Search Engine News (SEN). I subscribed on November 23, 1997 and have been reading it every month since. Yep, 1997 (I was kind of stunned myself). We launched our site a few years before that, and I suppose we started worrying about ranking well soon after. I’ve been … [Read more...]

Divorce Discourse Housekeeping Matters

Dear Reader, I’ve got several updates, improvements, and enhancements for you. 1. Networking 101 The Networking 101 e-book is now expanded with video and audio and is now a “course” rather than an “e-book.” Purchasers are being upgraded to the course for free. We sent e-mail invites, and about 75% have completed the free registration. If you haven’t yet and can’t find your invite, please let us know (, and we’ll hook you up. The new course is better than ever and, unlike … [Read more...]