August 27, 2015

10 Initial Client Meeting Disasters

It’s hard enough to say and do the right things in the first meeting with a new client. It’s not always comfortable for you. The client is awkward, and you’re not quite certain what to say and do. It’s a stressful situation with lots of unspoken expectations. What’s worse is that the initial client meeting can be derailed before it even starts. You can begin the meeting with your chances of having the client hire you already damaged. It’s like […]
August 26, 2015

Query: What Are You Doing for Client Feedback?

Do you have a systematic process for obtaining client feedback after you finish the work? Are you doing surveys? If not, is there a reason for not doing them? If so, who conducts the surveys? Are you doing them via phone? E-mail? Other? Who sees the data? What do you do with it? What else is going on within your client feedback process? Please share your thoughts, ideas, processes, and insights. Thanks. Lee
August 25, 2015

Sand Castles, Law Firms, and How to Stop the Waves

I’ve talked to thousands of lawyers now and worked closely with hundreds in an effort to improve their practices. Personally, I like to have those conversations under an umbrella on a beach. It’s even better if drinks are brought to us in our lounge chairs. You see, the beach provides endless material for analogies and lawyers. Each lawyer comes to me with his or her specific frustrations, aggravations, and issues. Every lawyer has a different story. The story sparks a […]
August 24, 2015
shake hands

Closing the Deal With Prospective Clients

“I just can’t close the deal,” she said. She’s getting the consults in the door. She’s charging for the initial meeting (thankfully), but the prospects aren’t turning into clients. “I’m listening to their story,” she continued. “I’m asking questions, I’m giving them answers, and I’m giving them a plan for how to move forward,” she explained. But that’s it. They walk out the door, and she never sees them again. “Sometimes I call them after the meeting. Some of them […]
August 20, 2015

Multiple Practice Areas and the Website Dilemma

I was flipping through websites looking for a podiatrist. They’re easy to find on Google. One after another, I reviewed their sites. I found one who looked good. Excellent credentials, good experience, and nice photo, so I continued to read. Then I noticed that he’s more than a foot doctor. Right next to “Podiatry” it says “Keys Made” (and, yes, I’m making this up). So, he fixes feet and makes keys? Handy. Yep. My immediate reaction is “I need a […]
August 19, 2015

Your Paralegals Are an Embarrassment

Paralegals like to trash talk me on their forums. Apparently, I annoy them. For instance, they made great fun of me for suggesting outsourcing plant maintenance (we lease our plants, and the vendor provides all care and watering). I’m not sure why my plant watering program attracted their ire. Whatever. Today, I’m going to really annoy the paralegals. The Paralegal Rule I’d suggest you count the paralegals in your firm. How many do you have? It’s my contention that the there […]
August 18, 2015

Your Staggeringly Unfair Marketing Advantage

You come equipped with an unfair advantage that gets you business. It’s already within you. It’s already bought, paid for, and ready to go. You’ve had it all along. The advantage is that you’re different. Not “different” in a weird or sad way. Not “different” in a special classroom at school way or putting you on the short bus way. You’re just different from all the other lawyers because of your DNA and your unique parents, siblings, childhood, experiences, education, […]
August 17, 2015

Turning the “No Money” Client Into the “Mo’ Money” Client

I’m getting calls from these people with “no money,” the lawyer told me. “They can’t afford me,” she continued. In fact, there are plenty of people who can’t afford you. But, and this is a BIG “but,” there are plenty of people who can afford you and who aren’t hiring you. Let’s look at the “can’t afford” people: Can they afford housing? Can they afford cable TV? Can they afford a vacation? Can they afford a $2.50 cookie at the mall? […]
August 13, 2015

Find Your Uncommon Commonalities?

We’ve just met, and we’re chatting. Somehow, we realize that we’re both really into yarn bombing. Specifically, we both like to knit blankets and wrap them around trees in public parks. This really happens. It’s a thing. See the video: If we both like to yarn bomb, then we have an “uncommon commonality.” We have something in common that’s not particularly common. Maybe we both like to play rugby. Rugby isn’t particularly common. We’d then have a second “uncommon commonality.” […]
August 12, 2015

A Fate Worse Than Negative Client Reviews

Negative reviews are devastating. They show up on Google or Yelp, and they do tremendous psychic harm. When it happens to our firm, I’m personally devastated. It’s horrible. I hate negative reviews. It’s more than the damage it does to our practice when others read it and choose to hire someone else. That’s horrible enough. It’s knowing we didn’t live up to the expectations of our client. That’s crushing. Sure, it’s not our fault. They’re crazy or irrational or impossible […]