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How to Pay Your Taxes

I’m an undisciplined mess when it comes to money. (I’m not so good with food either.) Actually, I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to the spending part. If I have access to money, then I spend it. In fact, I’m an efficient, effective, and powerful spending machine. I like to buy things. My son, who’s …

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Here’s How to Easily Stand Out in the Market

There are a dozen laundry places on my street. Each of them has, more or less, the same sign: “Laundry—1 Kilogram—$1.” That’s all they say, and all the shops look pretty much the same. They’ve got a front counter, some laundry hanging in the back, and a pleasant-looking person working. One store stands out. We …

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How a Face Tattoo Will Grow Your Practice

I know a lawyer who wraps his car in signage. You’ve seen it. The car becomes one big sign. The owner of my favorite lunch place—Greek Fiesta—back when I lived in Raleigh had his car wrapped. The car was a mobile billboard for Greek Fiesta. I’ve mentioned the car wrapping to quite a few other …

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You’ll Lose Employees As You Make Changes

Your people aren’t going to be happy with the changes. They’re not going to like it. You’re right to be aware of their concern. Change is difficult for your people. Some of them are happy with things exactly as they are now. You get it. You already know how hard it’ll be to get them …

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She Doesn’t Want to Disappear

She’s working in a medium-sized firm. She’s nervous. She’s feeling like an anonymous cog in a wheel, and she’s struggling to gain visibility within the firm or, more importantly, outside the firm. She feels like she’s invisible, and she’s worried about the future. Her firm, like many, has begun laying off lawyers—again. It was common …

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How to Take a Vacation

Some lawyers are good at taking vacations. Some aren’t. You know who you are. If you’re reading this from a mountaintop villa or an oceanfront condo, then you don’t need my help with taking time off. If you’re reading this in the courthouse or in your office, then you’re the person I’m talking to today. …

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Answers to All the Important Questions

Where do I get more clients? Should I quit my job? How do I get more visitors to my website? How do I keep my employees happy? What kind of employees should I hire? Should I use this practice management system or the other one? Should I outsource my bookkeeping? Do I need an associate? …

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Podcast: Are You Sabotaging Your Website?

The other day, I listened to a lawyer erupt over an appellate brief. Draft after draft, her associate isn’t delivering perfection. Frustration is driving her to the point where she wonders why she isn’t doing the work herself. A month prior, I spoke with the same lawyer. She was jazzed. She had found an inexpensive legal …

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When Getting Hired Is a Bad Thing

The lawyer excitedly explained that things were going great. Nearly everyone who comes in is hiring her. She’s doing the math, and about 90 percent of her consultations are turning into retainers. She’s got clients coming out of her ears. But I wonder whether her success is awesome or a sign of trouble. Yeah, don’t invite …

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Enough Already With the Law Firm Newsletters

I’m on the e-mail lists of quite a few law firms. I get their newsletters. Some of these folks go further and invest in sending printed copies of their product. I’ve got three newsletter mini-rants for you. Rant 1: Don’t Spam Don’t send me your newsletter if I didn’t sign up. I do, in fact, …

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