The Difference Between You and Them

“I’ll do anything except family law.”

“I don’t know how you practice family law.”

“The last thing I’d do is handle a divorce.”

“Family law is the worst.”

These are the things some other lawyers say. They’re baffled as to how we do it. They wouldn’t come near a family law case.

They don’t get it. They don’t understand.

You aren’t here for the reasons they come to the practice of law. You aren’t motivated by the things that motivate them. You aren’t interested in what interests them.

You’re different.

You’re unique.

You’re special.

You’re willing to help when the going gets tough. You’re willing to help when people reach their lowest lows. You’re willing to step into the fray when the wheels are coming off.

You’re unique in your willingness to wade into the mud, take your client’s hand, and walk her to a safe place.

They would never do what you do. You’re willing. You help. That’s what makes you matter.