Do You Feel Like A Parrot?

How often do you get asked the same question by a member of your staff? Sometimes it’s the same person because they can’t remember the answer. Sometimes it’s someone new.

I’ve been doing this job for 22 years. I’ve answered many of the same questions hundreds of times. A good example – “how do I get the auto-number feature to work in Word?” Hundreds of times.

Next time you get asked one of “those” questions don’t answer it. Tell your questioner that you’ll send them an email in a few minutes with the answer.

Then go to Screenjelly (or their competitor Jing Project, which requires a download) and record your answer. Screenjelly will record whatever you have on your screen and you can record you voice right along with it.

Walk your questioner through the solution to the problem. Then, save the recording and have it ready to send each time that same question gets asked again.

Screenjelly limits you to three minutes of recording (which is probably sufficient most of the time). Jing Project will allow longer recordings. With both products you can save the video on the web and simply email a link. My only anxiety about these products is the possibility that they will go away and we won’t have access to our library of recordings.

Both services are free.

I’ve prepared a very short demo of one of my favorite websites (the New York Times Article Skimmer) so you can see how well Screenjelly works.