Does Your Office Have Client-Facing Wi-Fi Yet?

You should have Wi-Fi in your office for visitors. It should be password protected (to address basic security issues), and everyone should know the password so any visitor can log on. We talked about this before back in the spring of 2009, yet I spent time in an office the other day that didn’t have Wi-Fi.

You can get a Wi-Fi router for under $100, and your IT person can quickly and easily set it up. It’s important that the Wi-Fi allows access to the Internet but not to your office computers: you want to be sure you maintain a secure environment.

Wi-Fi is expected today. Visitors, including clients, potential clients, and opposing counsel, use it. They all need to connect their laptops, tablets, and phones. It comes in handy when they’re spending the day in your space for long meetings or depositions. They need to be able to access their e-mail and financial information and do research as the meetings progress. Your new client might even need Wi-Fi to transfer funds from one account to another so she can pay your retainer.

If you didn’t listen to me back in 2009, then listen to me now. It’s time for Wi-Fi in your office. Arrange it today.